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If they don't want UFC they aren't going to be interested in WWE. I don't think either are huge losses - even though UFC has cleared surged in popularity in recent years the reality is most of the action is in the dead of night. NBA has always had a rather niche UK audience and I do wonder if the association with ESPN may end with the NBA deal - can't think of anything else significant they have from America.
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College American Football would be the other significant thing they have from the States. (However, in calling it “significant” it is one of these things that is really massive in the States but to be honest what audience there is for American football on this side of the Atlantic is almost exclusively concentrated on the NFL. Still it seemingly gets a niche viewership - presumably NASN/ESPN America/BT Sport ESPN hasn’t hung around in one form or another for 16 years if no body is watching it).
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They’ve also got extensive MLB coversge and supporting programming from ESPN around that. The large amount of afternoon games in the US means there are often live games in U.K. evening time to be shown. Again, somewhat niche but college football fills the gap during the office season.

I’m sure I’ve read in the past the suggestion that their wasn’t more NBA coverage on British TV (and the fact that - over the years - it moved around a lot) came down to the price the NBA wanted for it verses the likely audience.