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The Sport Thread

Jon posted:
But the difference with ITV is, the fact viewers are paying the subscription for the product.

That’s the crucial factor - people (myself included) are paying significant amounts of money to see the coverage. As frustrating as that was on ITV at least it could be understood.

Rather than the gaps between qualifying being ‘filler, for those who are interested they’ll appreciate the analysis and driver interviews.

Perhaps it should be expected given right from the start they’ve taken ad breaks during practice sessions when there is actually action on the track.

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BBC One Breakdown

All of this mess on Wales could have been avoided if they did as I've suggested and joined forces with N.I. between 8:05pm - 9:00pm to keep the show on the road in 2 out of the 4 Nations.

I’ve not worked in playout, but do have career long experience on live radio and TV news coverage in studios and on location.

What you ‘could have’ done is very different to what you ‘can do’ in any given situation, especially when your sole focus is to try to rectify a situation and / or keep things going.

Procedures and plans are useful to know or have close at hand, but in the end those involved have to make the best decisions they can under pressure.

Unless you know the exact circumstances, nature of the fault / problem or were there are the time, you have no basis for coming up with a fantasy schedule of what “could have” been done.

Especially when writing a forum post after the event whilst sitting at home.