• Friday 11:45amITV Rugby World 2019 from Japan begins
  • Sunday 11:15amITV Rugby World Cup:England V Tonga
  • YesterdayThe Ident Gallery Weeks 37 and 38 of ITV Creates added to ITV : 2019 Idents.
  • YesterdayTV Whirl ITV (Louise Bristow) - 2019 - Louise Bristow's fifth ident for the week features more setup shots, and first aired into the 2pm junction on 16th September.
  • YesterdayClean Feed Louise Bristow is the latest artist to be put in charge of ITV’s on-screen branding. Louise was born in London and studied painting at Gloucestershire College of Arts and Technology before moving to Brighton to study printmaking at Brighton University. She has lived in Brighton ever since, helping to set up and run a group ... The post ITV Creates: Louise Bristow appeared first on Clean Feed.

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