• SaturdayITV4 / Eurosport Tour de France 2017
  • MondayBBC Wimbledon 2017 begins
  • MondayITV 50th Anniversary of ITN News at Ten
  • YesterdayThe Ident Gallery Japan Season 2017 idents added to BBC FOUR : Special Presentation (5)
  • YesterdayTV Whirl ITV News At Ten - 2009 - Bringing back the ITV News At Ten for the 285th time. In 2008 the programme was given an overhaul making it distinct from the rest of the ITV News look, and attempting to bring back the gravitas of the show from the early 90s with a brand new 'flying over London' set of titles and a unique set. Unsurprisingly, this was all to be ditched again little over a year later with the 2009 yellow rebrand. Headlines for this broadcast from early 2009 contain the announcement of Michael's Jackson's 'This Is It' tour - something that we all know now would never come to be.

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Multiview Catchup: 24 hours

The whole bulletin was run entirely manually in the end, with locked-off cameras, a vision mixer, and VT's played in live from edit suites. This was possible because the nationals are up-staffed as compared to regular Channel output; indeed if this had happened at a different time you would likely have seen a recorded bulletin from the previous hour. Cutting NCH distribution away from gallery output...

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