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What a surprise, eh....

I've been far more of a lurker than a poster here on TVF, but I have read this forum absolutely every day for 15 years (that's over half my lifetime!) - I don't know the precise date in 2006 where I first happened upon this forum (as I read along for a while before signing up), but know it was sometime in the spring.

I do remember that it was February 2006 when I was clicking around on Wikipedia and ended up on some pages dedicated to TV channels. From there, I followed a link through to TV & Radio Bits (the first 'pres' site I had ever come across), and was mesmerised by those images of former ident packages that were buried deep within my memory.

I'd always had the interest in the 'bits between the shows', you see, whether that was realising that the BBC logo and idents had changed in October 1997 (when I'd have been six - I do remember not being that impressed by the new all-yellow CBBC!), or spotting in the Radio Times in October 2002 that ITV was rebranding and making a point of tuning into that first junction at 9.25am, to spotting the various Freeview channel launches in that period when the platform was really growing in the mid-00s.

But to find a web presence, an archive of all of these things - that was new. I spent hours on that site. One day, I found a link through to Digital Spy, where I started to avidly read the various threads, and one day there was a link from a DS thread through to this place. And since then I've been at home.

I've so many memories of this place, of this community and of the characters who have frequented it. I remember specific rebrands, my first major ones here being the BBC One and BBC Two changes in autumn 2006 and spring 2007, that latter one especially being a really interesting time, with BBC Two starting to toy with the classic twos in early 2007 (is this always what happens when a BBC Two ident package is coming to the end?!) before those new, classy, idents launched on that Sunday morning in February 2007.

I'll also forever associate this place with the 2010 General Election - the first one that I had a real, geeky, interest in - the presentation as well as the politics, with the BBC moving into that wonderful colosseum of a studio, Sky News starting its HD channel, one of the first 'live event' threads on here and Metropol debuting the iconic Dimblebot.

And occasionally, just occasionally, this place and its subject matter has fleetingly crossed paths with my 'real' life, personal and professional (I now work as a cathedral musician).

When a crazy turn of events saw my organ tribute to David Bowie go viral in 2016, all I could think of was this place as I was interviewed and performed live on the ITV Lunchtime News. (

There was an evening not so long ago (pre-COVID times, of course) when I had a girl round in my flat and I ended up regaling her with details of the 1991 franchise round over a glass of wine (now that's a proper TVF-style activity, right?!)

I still use the term 'Shatliffed' at work if something has gone wrong with the printing of the pictures that might adorn a concert programme.

Oh, and I once snuck a little tribute in before Evensong at St Paul's Cathedral in the week that both LWT and Thames were celebrating milestone anniversaries:

What is it about this place that makes it so special? Partly, as has been pointed out above, the forum software itself - lovingly created and maintained by Asa, perfectly reflecting the details of our shared passion. The classiness of contributors, especially the many insiders and those with deep historical knowledge. The running forum jokes - it remains a source of regret to me that I missed those first five years, when so much seemed to happen, and so many characters clearly became so integrated in one another's lives.

But the 15 years I have been here have been wonderful, and to see a group of people (who I suspect are roughly my age - now nearing 30) grow up and develop from teenage enthusiasts into those who now work in the industry has been inspiring.

So my thanks to Asa, the moderators over the years, those insiders from whom I have learned so much and everybody who has shared information, captures, gossip and the occasional barbed aside. I'll miss it all - and here's to the next chapter, whatever it may hold.

TV Forum - forever a special place in my heart.

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Government to suspend Parliament

The suggestion that we cannot have a General Election this year because of Sports Personality of the Year taking place in December is one of the more ridiculous things that I have read.