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20 years since the Real IRA bombing of BBC TV Centre

I believe it was as a result of the IRA attack that 'Internal Shelter Areas' were implemented across much of the BBC estate - parts of each building that you could congregate safely away from external windows. Presumably someone realised that evacuating everyone out to the street could be a security risk in itself. This did include some studio and technical areas in TVC to ensure continuity of broadcasting.

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thegeek Founding member

The 'get well soon Tony Currie' thread

Scottish broadcasting stalwart, Ceefax music legend, and TV Forum regular Tony Currie is recovering in hospital at the moment after surviving an implausible number of heart attacks.

He's doing fine, given the circumstances, and has already been complaining on Facebook about the audio quality of hospital radio.

There's a short article in today's Sunday Post at

I'm sure I'll not be alone here in wanting to wish you best wishes for a speedy recovery, Tony - and hope you're back in front of a microphone again soon.