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RyanE posted:

And never mind the NTA being short lived - the DTA only lasted until 2005 or thereabouts when they moved playout into a whole new building.

A victim of technical advances once again it seems. I hope the current facility can be upgraded to UHD HDR fairly easily?
One small corner of the Broadcast Centre has been doing UHD for a few years, and more recently HDR. I don't think it's as much of an off-the-shelf solution as much of the other playout systems in the building, and I feel like maybe not the same model as other UHD channels might use in the future.

I'd love to learn more about the cloud operations (particularly as a subscriber to the maxim "there is no such thing as the cloud, it's just somebody else's computer") either here or over the road.

I guess RedBee have built the cloud infrastructure themselves rather than the classic cloud computing model of using Azure or AWS to host services rather than your own data centre?

Before Arqiva left the playout market, they were demoing a cloud based playout system which I think was AWS based, though as a proof of concept. Their party trick was using an Alexa to start a new channel stream.

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The 'get well soon Tony Currie' thread

Scottish broadcasting stalwart, Ceefax music legend, and TV Forum regular Tony Currie is recovering in hospital at the moment after surviving an implausible number of heart attacks.

He's doing fine, given the circumstances, and has already been complaining on Facebook about the audio quality of hospital radio.

There's a short article in today's Sunday Post at

I'm sure I'll not be alone here in wanting to wish you best wishes for a speedy recovery, Tony - and hope you're back in front of a microphone again soon.