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noggin Founding member
There are two generally accepted, but different, ways of defining scanning standards ...

If the letter comes first the following number is always the frame rate : i25, p25, p50 (And NOT the image rate when it comes to interlaced systems)

If the number comes first then the following number is the image rate (field rate for interlaced, frame rate for progressive) : 50i, 25p, 50p.

i25=50i (Though lots of people will assume the former is defining a standard with half the image rate of the latter...)

Both are in widespread use in the industry - and some people get them wrong when describing interlaced content (and commonly describe video as i50 or 25i - when they mean i25 or 50i...)

The EBU would define the UK HD system as 1080/i25. Many manufacturers would define it as 1080/50i (and use that nomenclature in their camera settings)...

Personally I think the image rate is a better number as it instantly tells you the temporal resolution.

Lots of people will think i25 and p25 will have the same number of images per second (i.e. the same temporal resolution) whereas it's much clearer that 50i has twice the temporal resolution of 25p. (Even though 50i and i25 are two ways of describing the same, identical, system)
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noggin Founding member
Live ... understand it's escaped the tvOS store a tad early too.

Given the HD channels are originated as 1080i25, there must be some heavy-duty deinterlacing going in the encoders.

I'd guess so. The BBC deinterlace 1080i25 to 720p50 for iPlayer. (NRK hang two Alchemists off their 1080i25 Playout systems to cross-convert to 720p50 for DVB transmission too I believe - working entirely 1080i internally? Or they used to...)
Markymark Meridian (Thames Valley) South Today
The BBC deinterlace 1080i25 to 720p50 for iPlayer. (NRK hang two Alchemists off their 1080i25 Playout systems to cross-convert to 720p50 for DVB transmission too I believe - working entirely 1080i internally? Or they used to...)

They still were last October...
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15 days later

DVB Cornwall West Country (West) Spotlight
Interesting handover on the 4K channel tonight. Arsenal's game being carried on BTS3 and the 4K channel, switching across to an already in progress Chelsea build up being carried on BTS2, using an extended commercial break to do the switch of 4K feed.
thegeek Founding member London London
It's a semi-regular occurrence for 4K on a Saturday - lunchtime football, 3pm rugby, then teatime football - with the football being a BTS1 simulcast and rugby from BTS2. Often the first two will lose their last part in 4K (because they overlap in the schedule), and it's usually done quite smoothly via a natural break point, but sometimes pres just crash out of one and into the next.
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thegeek Founding member London London
Tonight's ITV Evening News have an interview with Simon Daniels, the sound engineer who led CPR on Glenn Hoddle when he collapsed in the studio back in October - there are some excerpts here. Saturday Morning Savage will also have an interview with Glenn tomorrow.
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Hatton Cross Central (West) Midlands Today
Good to see Glenn is making a good recovery - thanks to Simon, London Ambulance Service and the NHS.

You know something good could come from this. Maybe BT Sport could consider sponsoring the placement of CPR machines in a few sports stadia where they don't currently have them.
Readers are warned that this post contains some flash photography
DVB Cornwall West Country (West) Spotlight
Remarkable beginning to Saturday Morning Savage this morning. Lots of tech content amidst the drama of the Hoddle incident.
thegeek Founding member London London
That segment will be getting a few repeats during the week, including after Wednesday night's Spurs match.

Due to the Continental Cup final going to ET, Score will now start and be simulcast on BT Sport 2.
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madmusician Central (West) Midlands Today
It's this YouTube video, I presume:

steveboswell Yorkshire Look North (Yorkshire)
That video is quite incredible. Very well put together by BT Sport.

I will admit to being one of the people who thought cancelling Score that afternoon was an over-reaction, before we had full knowledge of what had happened of course. But it must have been unbelievably difficult for everyone in the studio.

14 days later

dvboy Central (West) Midlands Today
Last night BT Sport used the red button to show the start of Venus Williams's match in Indian Wells while another was still underway.

No such consideration for Johanna Konta's match tonight though despite BT Sport Extra 5 currently showing on the red button but not being used.
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