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I think this explains it all;
Instead Channel 4, in the form of its chief creative officer Jay Hunt , came knocking on the door of the programme's producer, ITN, suggesting a wholesale overhaul as part of the broadcaster's post-Big Brother "creative renewal".

Jay Hunt - the prime example of why women in TV should remain "stuck in the corner".

Really? Stay classy, Brekkie.
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I really can't wait to see the finished product.

Do you think the music will also be tweaked? I consider Channel 4 News' theme music to be one of the best around. Hope they don't mess with it.

Jon Snow confirms they haven't on Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/jonsnowC4/status/133447411627589632

I wouldn't have minded if they'd lengthened it a little (back to how it was pre-2006 - but with the more punchy drum) but I'm happy with no change.
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For that to happen a lot of equipment would have to be upgraded throughout ITN - don't forget even ITV News isn't HD yet. It took ITN until 2007 just to upgrade to widescreen so don't hold your breath!!

Yes, there's little point in making a studio HD if they're not acquiring and editing in HD.

News doesn't really benefit greatly from HD at the moment. Pre-planned features packages can look great in the format but for day to day newsgathering it's still easier to do things in SD especially if you're sending stuff back from abroad. Plus the move these days is for internet/IP based systems replacing video feeds on satellite - a live image via a 'videophone' or BGAN type system is barely SD let alone HD!

AP the news agency are going HD over the next 6 months, however how much of their footage will actually originate in HD I don't know