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Pop Idol, Fame Academy et al.

*wasn't the girlfriend of one of the contestants related to Jenson Button? Think I was on the coach with her on the way there but IIRC he got kicked off so didn't come back with us

Almost - one of the contestants *was* Jenson Button’s girlfriend! Presumably you’re remembering a coach ride with one of her relatives?

Ahh yes I think it was, or some of his. Always amused me when I saw the oversized name badges the families had to wear: 'Louise's Auntie'

That was the big publicity angle of that series, but she didn't last that long. Seems she did pretty well after the series but as an actor rather than a singer

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"BBC Must Learn From Mistakes"

What rubbish this thread has quickly turned into. Fantasy restructuring nonsense.

Maybe discussing the actual speech might be a good idea