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Channel 5 general discussion

We got Catherine Jones for 5 news at 5 instead of Peter lane in Leeds

Peter Lane was supposed to be in Manchester not Leeds. Looks like a last minute issue, 5news’ Twitter mentioned it about 20 minutes before 5pm and even the announcement over the preceding ident mentioned it was “from Manchester”

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…and finally

Well, it's taken me a couple of days to get over the shock and devastation. it's strange to think that TV Forum has been there for over half my life (just), and whilst these days I'm no longer a prolific poster (if I ever was), it's still been a part of my daily life. Through the ups, downs, crashes and controversies (the forum's, not my life) it's been one hell of a time. There's been friends made, people who've come and gone through the years, and an amazing wealth of knowledge shared.

While the biggest thanks goes to Asa and the numerous moderators over the years, a special thanks has to go out to all the members and contributors as well as TV Forum would not be the place it is without you.

I'm absolutely terrible at goodbyes, and while it is a goodbye, I hope there will still be a place for us all to chat about (one of our) our favourite geeky subject, and so it won't completely the end.

So I think, all I can say at this point is: so long, and thanks for all the fish.