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The ITV on Strike account has come out with some gems today:

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Ch4 Circles: What did it really mean? I know, you dont have to say it, however I thought some people don't use Social media, and it would be a shame if any TV presentation fan to miss out on this clip Which has the then HEAD of presentation at Channel 4 explaining all. Asa has already had is eye widen thanks to this:

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What a wonderful insight, I didn’t remember the piece, but love a clip from ‘Right to reply’, a programme that seemed to deal with people’s complaints a little more seriously than ‘Points of View’.

I remember the 4 circles as making the channel seem extremely fresh and modern against the other three channels in particular. I can’t believe that it is 23 years old though!
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Why can't they just say "it's C4, that's why there are 4 circles" rather than the nonsense about them representing the channel, the programming, the viewer and society. Nobody ever saw the logo in action and thought that.

I wonder if the 4 was always intends to be included in the first circle or did they just panic after commissioning a new logo consisting of 4 circles?
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