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…and finally

What such devastating news, but such heartfelt messages with beautiful memories.

It’s taken me a while to create this message as I’m heartbroken, however, I completely understand Asa’s point of view, I naïvely had no idea how much work it would take to keep the forum running, and in hindsight I wish I’d offered my help or support (in whatever way I could).

According to my profile I joined this forum in January 2003, which I believe is just ahead of the BBC Three launch. I remember that I was scowering the internet for news on some
Branding topic and came across some posts from here, when I saw the site my eyes lit up with the amazing conversations taking place, I’d never experienced anything like it and I was glad to see that people shared my love of tv presentation and branding... I joined immediately.

18 years later, this site has been a lifeline, a reliability, and my longest relationship by a long stretch! It has been my port of call on a daily basis (except for days when I’ve been out of the country, back when the data cost an arm and a leg; though it meant a mega catch up on my return).

It is my home page on my computer and the only tab permanently open on my phone browser. It has helped me through a lot of low stages through my life, through break ups, redundancies and parental death, it has given me an escape from what has been happening and allowed me to submerge myself in all matter of conversations. There is no better online experience for me, especially on a day of a main channel rebrand, the atmosphere and conversation in this place is amazing.

Thank you personally to all of you for conversing with me on various matters over the years from CITV to my attempts at mocks, the community feel in here is second to none. Thank you to all of the moderators over the years who have kept this a safe place with the focus firmly on the matter of branding and presentation, but most of all my personal thanks to Asa for creating this online presentational equivalent to Byker Grove! I fully support your reasons for closing it, at the end of the day, you come first... and that also applies to everyone on here, make sure you take time for you, and reach out and speak out whenever you need to.

Thank you everyone, look after yourselves and look forward (maybe one day) to the end of oneness!


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