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Tyne Tees Look North (North East)
THIS is nice: Channel TV archive people are in ITV archive earlier in the month

Is there anything marked "TVS Archive" lurking in a dark corner somewhere? Laughing
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I thought everything was in Leeds? bar local news stuff which is kept at the news rooms?

As discussed before a lot of regional news archive has been taken in by regional film archives, notably the south west and midlands.

I would have thought that Leeds would have some regional news archive, you wouldn't expect one of their regional news centres to hold 60 years worth of news archive (and the same goes for the BBC)

And of course the ITV Archive won't have all of ITV's archive, none of Thames, Southern, Redifusion, TVam and STV/Grampian.... and the One we don't mention

Although on the other hand it probably contains some non-ITV material, such as the films that Carlton owned
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Central (West) Midlands Today
Did we ever find out the extent of the damage of the flood at the archive? I saw a picture of some damaged tapes somewhere, seemed to be betas of music videos that probably aren't unique, though I think we would have heard if anything major was lost.

There were rumours that the Emmerdale set was going to get flooded out at the time but apparently this didn't happen. Officially anyway.
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