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What happened to Night Time TV?

(December 2018)

Hatton Cross Central (West) Midlands Today
"Now, here's a show I made a few years ago.."

Fire up You Tube. Loads of them on there now.

The deconstruction by Bob Mills of the Miss Yorkshire Television beauty pagent circa 1973 hosted by Bob Warman, on location in a painfully 1970's roll neck jumper and blazer, is a particular favorite of mine.
Readers are warned that this post contains some flash photography
DE88 UTV Newsline
Going slightly off topic it’s Night Time day at TV Ark on Facebook and Twitter today.

This has appeared on twitter:

"It was called Night Time because, seriously, there aren't that many names for this sort of thing." -- Matthew Harris, AKA Applemask.

Later on, of course, it became The Edge. Quoting Applemask again: "If nothing else, this was an original name." Wink
"What is two plus two?" "Rather more than three." "Yes, but can you be more specific?" "The Belgians."
elmarko Central Reporting Scotland
Speaking of the 4 Christmas ident piece he’s made is good
Whatever happened to classics such as ... Central Jobfinder

Seriously? It was a teletext-in-vision service.

Unless you needed a job it was no better or worse than ITV Nightscreen. Even back then it was clearly filler.

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