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I had a fantasied imagination of what Nighttime TV used to be like. It was long dead by the time I was staying up as late as I wanted, but having since come across VHS tapes left recording overnight and giving me an authentic taste of Night Time on Granada, I really don't think I missed out on much. While the presentation was, at the very least, interesting across the board, the programmes on offer were pretty cack. I've grown accustomed to going asleep with Sky Go running on the iPad and I tend to find something tolerable providing I'm asleep before 3am. When you look at it that way, all we're really lacking nowadays are specific strands and presentation, and it's not much of a loss considering TV presentation is pretty dire for the most part nowadays.
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This is it. You can bang the drum for iPlayer all you like but the interface is crap. You don't know where to start. Let's say I fancy seeing what documentaries I might have missed on BBC Four earlier in the night: there's no quick and simple way of doing that, you have to search via Documentaries and scroll though several duplicate titles.
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or look at the BBC TV guide and click on the programme?
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Seeing clips of 'nighttime' TV today it seems so odd to modern eyes how the TV companies treated it. First as a little club, then as a trendy yoof service, then for cheap filler before giving up totally.

I know a slot of that differentiation is because the overnights were shared but some managed to localise their overnights - most of my late night viewing was on Westcountry, which never went in for a night time service.

In 2018 its as odd an idea as having a different TV service at breakfast or the weekend... it's all just telly.

Personally I always thought ITV should just have treated 12-6am as a timeshift of daytime (9:25am-3:30pm) as few people would have watched both
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[quote:0979014821="JamesWorldNews" pid="1145646"]The Hitman and Her!

Never saw it sober.

I don't think it's the sort of show anyone would have been able to stand sober Razz

How dare you make such a suggestion! That was first class broadcasting, that Was. Laughing Cool Laughing Laughing[/quote]

It’s a good historical record of the era though. The days when blokes used to go clubbing in shirts and ties to tacky sounding clubs in provincial Northern cites.
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Bit of a faff to go and get my Radio Times out - the online TV guide doesn't go backwards either AFAIK.

Yes it does:


Still you need your phone to go back through the list, and then faff about searching for it pressing buttons on your remote like you did on your Nokia 3310 back in the day.

I don't know why any of the catch up players which are purported to be so great don't have a "reverse EPG" showing clearly what every single one of their brands showed and when - so for example I can see what every BBC, ITV, C4 or C5 brand was showing at any one given time all on one screen like a normal EPG does.