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Final post

Hatton Cross

…and finally

OK. Last post from me on here.

It reminds me of disembarkation day after a lengthy cruise. Choosing the last group time to leave the ship, and for the past few hours, it's getting slowly empty as people move on and out, the self service buffet has long been closed by the staff for cleaning, and you now have the peace and quiet you wanted poolside where you are waiting to be called down to leave - where once there were a couple of hundred swimming, in deep converstation, or just making a noise - is now silent, and you don't like it one bit.

I know there's TVLive Forum, and I'll be signing up over the Easter Holiday, but you never forget the first place you felt settled amougst friends, do you?

To the moderation team, but more especially Asa. Thank you for the opportunity to talk tv, talk to others about tv, recount stories from my broadcasting carreer - this place got me through those dull midweek 0-0 football draws when I was doing the hightlights reel for half/full time - and to learn about tv from those who work in it.
Happy 'retirement' Asa.

And from me.
Where's the 'TX Off' switch? Ahh. Here it is.

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Hatton Cross

Emergency Broadcasts

And if course, if the order is given and the emergency broadcast system is activated...

..someone on here is bound to ask what ident was used to go into the announcement...
..someone will moan about the size of the fonts on the astons..
...a discussion will break out speculating if Good Morning Britain will have new graphics and opening titles in the morning...
...and the BBC bashers will be out in force, asking why they are wasting money on informing viewers, when ITV and Sky News can do the job better and cheaper.

Can't wait! Very Happy