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Hatton Cross

ITV Programming Thread

I hope the Big Money round reveals, will be better shot and directed than that in the series.

I know it was just for the benifit of that BTS report, but come on. Not to have at least one close up of the answers on the board, is just lazy and complacent.

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Hatton Cross

Emergency Broadcasts

And if course, if the order is given and the emergency broadcast system is activated...

..someone on here is bound to ask what ident was used to go into the announcement...
..someone will moan about the size of the fonts on the astons..
...a discussion will break out speculating if Good Morning Britain will have new graphics and opening titles in the morning...
...and the BBC bashers will be out in force, asking why they are wasting money on informing viewers, when ITV and Sky News can do the job better and cheaper.

Can't wait! Very Happy