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New BBC Local Radio jingles

Normally two stacks of cart machines, fired off simultaneously.

And that's where the 'fun' ended.
Usually the commercials going out on cart bank 'A' were not the exact duration of the commercials going out on cart bank 'b'. Nor were they the same number of commercials to be played.
Yes, the collective duration was the same - but more often than not, you'd have to watch the magic red timer numbers on the Sonifex carts like a hawk, to pull out the last played cart, and slot in the replacement cart (normally 2 or 3 ads away from going to air) making sure it was for the right split frequency.

Friend of mine once had to steer his way through a 4 minute break on 3 spilt frequencies, using 20 carts, and - if that wasn't a mix of selective hearing, manual dexterity and co-ordination enough - the same one advert cart had to be played on all three cart banks at different times during the same commercial break. He did it - still to this day, not sure how.

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Hatton Cross

Emergency Broadcasts

And if course, if the order is given and the emergency broadcast system is activated...

..someone on here is bound to ask what ident was used to go into the announcement...
..someone will moan about the size of the fonts on the astons..
...a discussion will break out speculating if Good Morning Britain will have new graphics and opening titles in the morning...
...and the BBC bashers will be out in force, asking why they are wasting money on informing viewers, when ITV and Sky News can do the job better and cheaper.

Can't wait! Very Happy