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BBC World News
From Media Boy-it looks as through we are getting new Countdowns just before 4:00pm

Nice. Wonder if World will get some? I've only been watching WN since about 2012 and it seems like every two years for them give or take a few changes when someone retires.
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9 different versions with 3 published online so far, trying to name a few in each of them:

1. https://vimeo.com/175705937
George Alagiah, Justin Rowlatt, Lizo Mzimba, Sophie Raworth, Ed Thomas, Vicki Young, Lyse Doucet, Jane Hill, Judith Moritz, Huw Edwards

2. https://vimeo.com/175706280
Hywel Griffiths, Victoria Derbyshire, Laura Trevelyn, Quentin Somerville, Karishma Vaswani, David Shukman, Alastair Leithead, Ros Atkins, Katya Adler, Dan Roan

3. https://vimeo.com/175706278
Simon McCoy, Jessica Creighton, Annita McVeigh, Ben Brown, Orla Geurin, Kamal Ahmed, Steph McGovern, Jon Sopel, Christian Fraser, Olly Foster

Overall much more colourful then the originals! Not keen on the higher up presenters such as George and Victoria being at the beginning of the countdown meaning they won't be shown most of the time. But thats not for me to say until we see all 9 countdowns.

Good to see new additions to the countdown such as Jessica, Steph, Kamal as they are becoming more a significant part of the team.

EDIT: Another version just shown at 5, with Gavin Esler, Lyse Doucet, Chris Buckler, Daniel Sandford, and Sophie Raworth
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It's not really new countdowns just they've put some new recent faces they've done that before surely?

Maybe I should watch it on tv rather then on the mobile phone on a busy conmmuter train.