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BBC 2020 Rebrand Project

And to cap off this deluge of News pres for now, here are the remaining English regions.

Opinions welcome, have it at me! Smile

You can drop the 'West' from Midlands Today! Spotlight can keep its historic name, then MTD can keep theirs...

I'm not keen on the corporate logo, and it's not because you haven't tried - I just think it's too much of a departure from what's gone before it and loses its BBCness (not to be confused with oneness!). It could now be any old 79p app in the app store as opposed to a globally recognised broadcaster.

I'm not really sure how you could tinker with the logo (and perhaps thats why they didn't themselves? Remember there's a cost to go with all this, signage being very expensive, identity cards, mugs etc - more than just a logo on screen). The blocks look alien with Reith in them, you've sacked off the blocks in favour of a Web2.0 icon. The BBC One logo you've devised looks equally weak.

There are fundamental problems with the design across the BBC right now (I think we're back in 1996 when it comes to logos) and you've still not fixed that.

The other on screen elements I like though, except maybe the regional news titles which seem a little cheap looking.


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BBC News Themes Index - PRIZES 4 PACKAGES

thanks you are best Smile Smile Smile Does anyone have BBC Breakfast 2000 2002 2006 Please help me again Very Happy Very Happy

Gonna give you some advice, you've been here 3 minutes - nearly all your posts are requests, why not try engaging discussion in some of the other forum areas?