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BBC EAST MIDLANDS TODAY 2008 title remake

As others have said really. The project you’ve downloaded while a faithful recreation isn’t perfect, then again nor was the original MLN template...

You need to consider what’s going on in each scene to understand how to replicate it. I could never quite get the expression right for the place names, mainly because I lack an attention span!

Firstly the frame rate looks atrocious, up it to 25 minimum for anything near broadcast rate - I would suggest this is because the person who recreated it has either reduced it to suit their own rendering needs or didn’t realise it’s got the same frame rate my nan walks with her Zimmer frame.

Also the XML lines overlay is missing; so to further your development, think how you could add it in? I won’t give you the answer, have a play and see how you can achieve it.

I’m not judging this as your own work though, I’m judging this as how you’ve learned so far! Keep trying and don’t be disheartened. Consider colour changes too, white is so 2008!

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BBC News Themes Index - PRIZES 4 PACKAGES

thanks you are best Smile Smile Smile Does anyone have BBC Breakfast 2000 2002 2006 Please help me again Very Happy Very Happy

Gonna give you some advice, you've been here 3 minutes - nearly all your posts are requests, why not try engaging discussion in some of the other forum areas?