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This site closed in March 2021 and is now a read-only archive
Inspector Sands

Be kind to him, he's probably on his day job being on emergency call at every major train station in the country Wink

If anyone was wondering....

That picture is a very good likeness!

The picture from the article was my avatar for a while before I changed it to the slightly spooky Stooky Bill
A final post from me.

My emotions are still strong after hearing the news almost a month ago and wanted to expand on what I wrote before.

When I first got interested in TV branding over 20 years ago I had no idea that there were others out there who shared this passion, so I'm hugely grateful to have found TVHome and then this forum back then - and have been following the discussions (with some gaps!) ever since. I don't think my interests in 3d animation, graphic design and branding would be what they are today without this place. It's good to hear that it'll be archived going forwards.

Although I haven't been a contributor until recently, I've still felt part of the forum over the years. I've signed up on the new TV Live forum so might be more active there in the future and will hopefully see many of you and the discussions continue over there. It's really been a great run - so thank you Asa, mods and everyone else for the memories that have been shared in this unique place. I'm going to miss it greatly.

Thank you and goodbye.
Mike W
Last post; goodbye and good luck all! One final thanks to Asa and the team.

Take care!
I’ll finish off with a toast, inspired by David Wilson of Southern Television fame.

To TV Forum, a fine website, a very fine website.
When I was 8, 9, this would be the place I would scroll through in my free time after school and sometimes in-between lessons on the outdated school iPad's (yes, primary school children have iPads! 😂) to fuel my weird obsession over idents, test cards and TV opening sequences. My teachers even ended up knowing about this website!

I'm 15 now; I now have a habit of typing in '' in my search bar. It's muscle memory! I doubt it'll ever go.

Goodbye TV Forum.
Thank you, Asa.
TVArchive Founding member
A big thanks to Asa from me. 20 years is a long time ago and so much has changed. Creating a site like this at a time when no-one else was doing it was innovative. Closing a site like this when it is so widely known and loved is also innovative!

It was a different time in 2001 when RealPlayer was the norm and Flash was only just starting to test a video codec. Yet the foresight Asa had was to overcome the initial dazzle of TV idents and work out that people wanted to talk about them. A lot. In real time. TV Forum was the first to give us anoraks a safe platform to share out history, knowledge, experience and in some cases poorly-informed opinion. In a strange way, TV is no different now to what it was in 2001. Digital Satellite with hundred of channels, the on-set of on-demand TV, and a constantly revolving door of change and idents and presenters coming and going. Most of the topics of conversation today were seen 20 years ago. To me this shows the needs of humans to be socialites testing the opinion of anyone who cared to share and sometimes wrongly abusing that opportunity to learn from others.

I suspect we might see Asa again in the future, the TV idents bug never leaves you! Thank you for many sleepless nights in reading the entertaining interpretation most people had to things I love.
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Well. I guess the time has come now. Here's my final post on the blue place - thanks for the knowledge, fierce debates and memories for the past 17 years of TV Forum's tenure.

See you on the other side on the Purple place...

Peace ✌️
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Been leaving this a while, but here goes.

Thank you to Asa for all these years of fun. As a relative latecomer to TVForum (I had lurked for a few years before finally signing up in late 2016) having been a regular visitor to TVArk during my teens, it has been fun to chat about idents, continuity, TV programmes, news rotas and all over the last few years. I am very glad the site is being kept for an archive, during a two week stay in hospital few years back, I ended up reading a lot of old threads, normally about how major news events were broadcast and how you all reacted at the time, long before I ended up on here.

See you on the other side.
I haven’t been on here for as long as some others on here, but I’ve enjoyed every moment I’ve been on this forum. The community has been awesome - I often spent hours on here reading all the discussion!

Thank you so much Asa (and everyone else who makes TVF what it is!) and I hope to see you all over at TV Live Forum.

My final post, and I’d just like to say again a massive thank you to everyone who made TVF, well, TVF.

Thank you and goodnight!
I first came across TV Home 20 years ago, thanks to the novelty of unlimited, relatively fast internet at the college library (it had its own dedicated microwave link).

While my peers spent all their time on those websites that allowed you to send free SMS text messages to their mates Nokia phones, I was enjoying TV Home's coverage of News 24, BBC World and the ITV regions. (It seems ironic that as ITV regions became easy to receive across the UK, unique regional presentation was ditched.) TV Forum provided a great extension to TV Home. That plus a read through of the library copy of Broadcast magazine with the latest news on the downfall of ITV Digital!

My college days ended and back on dial-up internet for the next few years, I only occasionally checked into TV Forum, but I always liked the higher level of civility here than on other forums and with hindsight I wished I'd come over here sooner or not bothered with the other place. I was really touched by the kind words from this forum when I closed my website (a516digital) two years ago.

Thank you Asa for all the time and effort that went into creating and maintaining this forum and of course the original TV Home, providing a platform for many happy memories.

As this chapter of your and our lives ends, I wish you all the best for whatever the future brings.

Time for me though to step through to the other side... Goodbye!
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I'm gonna log out for the last time. I've enjoyed this forum and the thread it's been featured.

See ya!
First post from this account! I dont think I've posted since probably 2002 😂. Signed back up last year during lockdown but can remember the start of this place, even before it existed with TV Home and UK Television site even before that. Just want to say thanks for this forum over the years. Although I've hardly contributed it's always been a go to on a regular basis for reading up on all things television presentation related! Wanted to see if I could find any evidence of my 14 year old existence on here and actually started a post 😯 when carlton central fell off the air leading to LWT taking over proceedings back in 2001!
Anyway... been fun lurking. Thanks to Asa and the team for all the work over the years.
All the best!

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