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There has also been criticism of some Sky presenters on social media, as currently a UK citizen cannot just travel to America - unless they are a permanent resident, have joint citizenship, or have a valid visa.

Those flying out to the US will also have to follow CDC advice on arrival, which typically means being required to self-isolate on arrival.

It’s remarkable how people are so prone to criticising without knowing the facts. For clarity, here’s the situation for the UK broadcasters.

The current rules state that those who’ve been on UK soil in the last 14 days aren’t allowed into the US. At all. No isolation rules, you’re just not allowed in.

However, the US has rightly granted exemptions to certain journalists covering the election, which means they’re allowed into the country quarantine-free. Because let’s face it, the virus levels in the UK v US means quarantining is practically meaningless.

When returning to the UK, they will all have to self-isolate like the rest of the population.

Journalists in many jurisdictions if they have active press credentials even if they’re just an ITN ID they’re considered essential in the US.

Not sure where you’re getting that from. It certainly wouldn’t give you any sway at the border.
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