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This Morning

I've not howled at the TV so much in ages, the first caller did not deserve to be on air not knowing Albert Dock, Dr Chris etc Zipper

He knew Dr Chris but it was a very old pic. I didn't recognise him in it.

Also I don't think it's a good look to take a swipe at the mods in your signature for giving you a perfectly justified warning.

So do you know the caller to be able to state that for sure? He clearly didn't know very much of This Mornings history.

And thank for you for your snowflake opinion Rolling Eyes but when you have to carry the badge of 'RECENTLY WARNED' for stating a well documented fact then why should I not share that with people who may otherwise judge?

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Good Morning Britain

Slightly off topic (well, at least I'm not mentioning Brexit), but I've been off this week so have had a little time to surf the channels later than normal and for longer.

I am normally a BBC Breakfast viewer, but took the opportunity to see some of Burley@Breakfast and GMB.

Oddly, I had a little tear in my eye whenever I watched GMB's TOTH(almost) sequence, because a decade ago I never thought I would ever see something like this . . .

This Morning also features TVC in its title sequence.

Oh dear... I hope Stuart has the Kleenex ready!