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square eyes posted:
Andrew posted:
Mike Morris is back today, So the regular team of Christine Talbot and Mike Morris are now presenting Calendar.

Meanwhile, Fraser Maude looks like he's in the running to become the next Peter 'present loads of bulletins' Levy, as today he has done;

Calendar Lunchtime News
Calendar News at 3.05pm
Calendar News Round-Up

add to that Calendar Late News, what a day for poor Fraser !

Fraser Maude's done it again today-
Lunchtime, Afternoon, Calendar News Round-Up & Late News

It looks like Nichola Crompton and Raj Shukla are now the ones to take a weeks holiday.

It really is looking like everyone is taking their Holidays really early, so they can have the full team working in August, to keep the viewers when Christa begins on Look North.

For the record, 4 people did the whole 'Calendar Central' output today - Faye Barker, Christine Talbot, Mike Morris & Fraser Maude (And funnily enough, when Asa moved from this region last Summer - only one of those four were part of the Calendar team!)

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Andrew13,909 posts since 27 Mar 2001
SimonW posted:
Next time he's on - see if his name is spelt 'Frazer' of 'Fraser'. Think you'll find it's 'Frazer'!!!!!

So, Frazer Maude presented all those 4 bulletins every day Tuesday to Friday this week, He must have been on a 12-hour shift.
Andrew13,909 posts since 27 Mar 2001
square eyes posted:
Something I've always wondered, do you think the late regional bulletins at 11:20pm are pre-recorded or live ?

I don't think the ones on Yorkshire are, but I wouldn't be suprised if some certain ITV regions do, and who could blame them?