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Y Votes on Newsround...

(June 2001)

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Sub Zero
Just watching Y Votes on newsround. The set up is not good at all. It explains everything well to listeners, but is generally rushed and wierd. Leezo, how wierd!
The ENGLAND, NORTH person was in Look North studio though, well she had the backdrop from Look North Leeds!
BillyH Founding member
And It just finished.
Isonstine Founding member
Interesting that it all ended with a hung party and would mean a coalition government between Labour & the Lib Dems.
It would be funny is that actually happened tomorrow!
Bail Moderator
I saw the cilp with peter snow...that was good Smile
Isonstine Founding member
Yeah, judging by the different shades of purple. He was in the Vote 2001 - The Decision studio which of course can be seen tomorrow.
Asa Admin
Yeah, the idea of getting children involved in the election is a good one but why did the show have to so rushed? I liked the bit about the Labour spokeswoman in the studio, who started going on about what their policies are - any excuse to get their speech in!!

Peter Snow's graphics didn't half go fast around that virtual reality Westminster!

Cheers, Asa
Mr Voiceover
The Conservatives won - it shows that Newsround veiwers have some common sense then! Smile
Pete Founding member
Our School (Kelso High) took part in that.

I ended up being the Tory pressure group. (Whcih basically meant i annoyed people until they voted for us)

Did anyone see Peter Snow's set during the Six. Very nice, a double version of N6

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Jenny Founding member
Funnily enough, 'Others' did very well.
Mr Voiceover posted:
The Conservatives won - it shows that Newsround veiwers have some common sense then! Smile

No It shows their morons Vote Labour

14 days later

On thing that bothers me. Why hasn't Newsround been relaunched like the rest of the BBC News. Also, Working Lunch hasn't been changed (OK, so they use the same desk as the other news programmes)

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