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The X Factor - Series 2

to run for 21 weeks! (January 2005)

msim posted:
Apparently Cowell's older brother Tony will be taking the ITV1 5pm slot with a new show dedicated to......books?!

Is that the same brother who was an 'expert' judge on 'The Block'? If this is true, do ITV really think people will want to watch shows like this just because it is hosted by the non- famous brother of a pop manager?

No, that was Nicholas. Surely this new book show is a regional one for transmission in a 7.30 p.m. slot.
leftofmiddle Channel Channel Islands
How are these reality shows going to work when the singles chart finally dies?

The whole thing relies on the winner releasing a single at the end of the shows run and for the majority after that 'bang' you're gone.

I would personally like to see a nationally televised Battle of the Bands with unsigned bands from each region (done regionally by BBC or ITV in say the 7.30 slot on ITV - or where Inside Out goes on BBC) with the top band from each region battling it out in a run of live national finals with the winning band getting a recording contract.

The show would be based on the bands playing their own materials on instruments, or a solo singer with a backing band and own songs.

This would be much more fun to watch than 'Pop Factor'.
The Nurse Granada North West Today
leftofmiddle posted:
How are these reality shows going to work when the singles chart finally dies?

I think that's a while away yet, they could always switch to online single downloads when the single market goes titsup.

They've already proved that these shows create nothing more than a one-off number 1 single in most cases.
Gavin Scott Founding member STV Central Reporting Scotland
These shows have got nothing to do with finding a musical career for the eventual winner, despite anything the publicity material tells you.

The millions who tune in to root for their favourite by no means are going to go any buy a single, much less an album. The show is about filling 21 weeks of schedules, and the thrill of the competition.

Why would ITV give a toss about the recording future for the entrants?

Every time another series like this starts someone comes along here and argues about the longevity of the acts. I wouldn't bother. It's hardly even a factor in it.
leftofmiddle Channel Channel Islands
No but the point I was making was that maybe there should be a show that could provide an act with a career longer than 1 single.

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