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Well the final got everyone talking...

One thing that was interesting (there was something) was in the release of the voting stats for the series. The only times the judges’ bottom 2 saves were at odds with the actual public vote were both for suspect “celebrities” and Cowell’s clear hopefuls to be the next big thing, V5.

What a poor series though. The winner would have been out in week one in a regular series.
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It has been a fundamentally awful series, however what I will give it is that it has been host to a series of genuinely entertaining, 'I can't actually believe this is happening', car crash moments. Simon making up rules as he went along, dire contestants being kept in to boost the ratings followed by a sharp decrease in ratings the next week, Vinnie's horrible a cappella Irish folk song which was given a standing ovation, Bashir forgetting the lyrics mid song, Simon crying last night. Honestly it's been a real thrill tuning in each week and wondering what the hell is going to happen next.

That's why I'm so excited for The Band. A mere month's worth of pre-production should promise some utter disasters.

It's also been interesting to see how Simon has been totally uncontrollable by ITV's commissioners. This is the first year in some time the show hasn't been overseen by Shu Greene who I think was just about managing to keep Simon under the thumb. Now it's being looked after by people too afraid to say no to him and it's exposing his own inability to produce. They'll want to be careful he doesn't end up ruining BGT as well.
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The Band is going to be an interesting one. Theres rumours they have been quite strict with the contestants, Simon might be putting on a more meaner act like the old days. However
, we will have to see.

If they kept making mistakes and changing the format every 20 seconds on the celeb version, which they had more time to prepare for. What's this band version going to be like? Golden X's, Golden Showers, Golden buzzes, 20 wildcards, maybe could have a gold and platinum buzzer? I'm just interested what whacky ideas they will come up with this time round!
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