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Central (East) East Midlands Today
C4 have bought in international formats for years. Treasure Hunt, Countdown and Crystal Maze were all French imports whilst Big Brother was Dutch.

I don't think C4 in its current state would pick up big-ticket, existing, primetime entertainment formats.

The same C4 that airs Bake off and F1...
Who even piloted The Price is Right last year.

I wonder if Fuller and 19 cannot sell a revival of Pop Idol to a different broadcaster due to the X Factor settlement.

Reality is that C5 and Sky would be the only real possible destinations for a return of 'Idol' - and I don't see it fitting into either channel's current strategy.

C5 of Blind Date. They have even rebooted a failed lottery quiz in the shape of " Win your wish list"

C5 is where TV shows go to die. Have they ever actually had something succesful that wasn't on another channel before?