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I am not one for sensationalist posts, but I feel like I have a good track record for accurate/useful information.

Like I say, all I am hearing going around tele circles (including a few friends who work at Thames). I’m sure something official will come out soon...
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If true, then I wouldn't be surprised at all. Obviously sad for the production teams/crews affected, but the show has been going down the absolute swanny for donkey's years now.
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We do know that Simon was thinking of bringing back Battle of the Stars recently. Maybe they've decided on a Celebrity series.

There's absolutely no whisper of the lay off of staff on Social Media which I'm very sure there would be hints to so I'm taking this all very much with a pinch of salt.
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This would make sense - the recent reports of it being renewed for another three years seemed to be based on Simon wishing for that to be the case rather than it actually being the case. I don't think ITV ever confirmed it.

Been watching America's Got Talent: The Champions (watching last weeks now with 3 BGT winners) and it would be the perfect sweetener from ITV to commission a Britain's Got Talent equivalent, probably to run over the October half term.

ITV haven't really got the space to find something new whilst The X Factor is in the schedules - there best chance is probably replacing it. Wouldn't be surprised if The Masked Singer ended up airing this autumn in it's Saturday slot.
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