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It would have been a rig set up. Too risky to use a helicamera in a room like that. Basically a big fixed in place Jimmy jib which would allow forward and backwards movment as well as up and down and turning possibly 360.
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Like a Technocrane you mean? The distance it traveled looked far too far for that. Also I'd have thought the wires of a "spidercam" would have got in the way, as it went very low, and was surrounded at one point by performers on the stage.

I need to find the bit on the ITV player thing where it's in shot!

Edit: Can't be bothered. Can't remember if I saw it on Saturday or Sunday and it makes you watch all the ad breaks! Life's too short. Anyway if you watch Sunday's episode you can see a shot from it fairly early on in the group number.
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Its probably one of those 'spider' cameras u get in aome football stadiums. It was discussed some time back on tvforum, if you can find it.

I was at Wembley on Sunday and the camera was on wires and did go for most of the length of the stadium to get those shots.