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Amelia's elimination will shut up the bigots who thought the show was fixed.
Calm down.. :L
Eh? Didn't think I sounded angry. Confused

Yesterday's Sunday Mirror had a front page headline claiming that the lack of text votes was fixing it for Marcus to win instead of either Amelia or Little Mix. Well, Mix's victory proves that wrong as well. Honestly, the tabloids spout some bull sometimes.
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I think I heard the winners song on Radio 1 this morning, I say think as it didn't sound like a group. If that was it then it's the blandest song I've ever heard.
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Like they've been mentioning on tonight ok!tv, the choice of cannonball was most probably chosen following Janet Devlin winning the first 4 weeks. I don't understand why they didn't have different songs ready for each different artist, didn't they do this last year? Or (again as mentioned on ok!tv), they don't create new songs for each artist.
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There get the No1 this week , and lose out Christmas no1 to someone else,


its seems it was never confirmed.
Is the next post dreaded?
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I thought the final at Wembley worked really well, and was far superior to SCD's broadcast from the same venue

Stand out moment for me was Coldplay's coloured wristbands that they'd given to the audience that flashed in time to the music. Looked amazing!