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I look and its been lock, Im not sure if well its closer to the time:

Simon cowell has quit the show; which DOES change everything:

* http://www.metro.co.uk/tv/860621-simon-cowell-quits-x-factor-but-denies-it-is-over-health-concerns
* http://www.dailymail.co.uk/money/article-1376608/Cheryl-Cole-quits-UK-X-Factor-Has-Simon-Cowell-got-ITV-bosses-barrel.html
* http://www.entertainmentwise.com/news/59133/Simon-Cowell-Has-Quit-The-UK-X-Factor-For-The-US

This does beg the question does this really effect the show? unlike BGT which seems to be doing really well with the changes but we all know simon will back for the 7 live shows.

it seems he wont be able to do the live shows and Cheryl; he even go aswell. Will you watch the show without Simon and Cheryl?
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Has it actually be confirmed he's leaving? I keep reading these so-called reports but haven't actually seen any official release about it.

It probably wouldn't be a surprise, given the decent reception American Idol has still received this season, it's going to be Simon who will need to give 110% to make X Factor US a huge success. After all, that'll be far more lucrative than whatever the deal with ITV is.

I kind of getting the feeling this is just news for the sake of news and that everything will actually have been agreed in the three year contract they thrashed out with ITV last year?
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I can't see ITV not allowing Simon to leave the show, isn't he under contract to appear anyway? But I imagine he will completely scale back his role, a good idea could be to have the panel of Louis/Dannii/Mel B (back to three categories) with a guest judge joining each Saturday (perhaps the mentors?), and Simon appearing just for the results show. He will obviously have no interest in it but at least that way he'll appear to be more impartial and will have more of a categorical view and arguably he'll be able to judge the sing off based purely on that.

Simon's only way out really is for Fox to air the show on Saturday and Sunday nights meaning he physically can't be over here, but I can't see them doing that because midweek is more lucrative in the states.

The other alternative if ITV desperately want him on ours is the original plan. ITV could pull the plug at the eleventh hour and commission a revised Britain's Got Talent for that slot.
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Im sure the deal was only to make sure ITV keep broadcasting the formats of boths show, ie X and BGT. nothing else?

I thought he was still in a golden handcuffs deal with ITV but it appears that expired in December. I do still think he'll be on ours though even if just an impartial judge during the live shows, I think this is all just hype. I don't think Cheryl will be back though. Its probably the right time for her to move on anyway, the tide started to turn on her last year.

ITV will probably want Simon to prove X Factor can work without him as he did last year with BGT when he was "ill" and temporarily replaced with Louis.
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It's another Sunday, another Simon will or will not be on TXF this year, just with Peter Fincham's name thrown in for good measure.

Tomorrow will be another Monday, with another story contracting the one from the day before appearing.
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It's another Sunday, another Simon will or will not be on TXF this year, just with Peter Fincham's name thrown in for good measure.

None of the link IE the story come out today, there all come out over the past week.
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Yes the press have been full of will he/won't he, will Cheryl/won't Cheryl etc. for months. No one really cares, it's really not important, but it fills newspapers and gives the programme lots of free publicity.

The programme is a self generating publicity feedback loop... they're not happy unless it gets onto the front pages on a Monday morning, if it is on the Tuesday and Wednesday then bonuses all round.