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Hardly surprising, they wouldn't want to lose out on Britain's Got Talent after all...

“ITV have been amazing actually this year. We had this really good run on BGT with the live shows and we coped without Ant."

More interesting is what ITV have lined up for Ant in 2019, don't they have to start filming the auditions late December/early January?
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Talk of a “huge shake-up”. Every time they do one of these, the ratings go down and they reverse it.

You know what X Factor needs? More drama. Take it downmarket instead of trying to make it worthy and credible. I remember before series 1 started, it was trailed as being a cross between Pop Idol and Jeremy Kyle. The *whole point* of having the judges with a category each is so they get defensive of them and argue with each other. If people want nicey-nice, they can watch Strictly.
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This popped up on my YouTube suggestions earlier:

After watching it, I remember most of those artists names, and their voices were incredibly diverse and powerful. You had the entertaining acts like Johnny and 2shoes along with the powerful voices (and characters) of Kitty and Misha B. The show felt very strong back then, both contestants, panel and promotion. Whether it be the changing of the panel, the constant tweaks to the show or the fact that the talent is looking at other ways of getting publicised it’s all ha a negative effect on the programme unfortunately.

"Anything your heart de-size"

I hated that advert at the time, and barring Little Mix and Frankie "Cocaine" Cocozza, the rest of the names from that series are a mystery to me.