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Markymark4,881 posts since 13 Dec 2004
Meridian (North) South Today
I hope someone's getting their P45 tomorrow. Mad

Assuming the stage invaders weren't armed with anything that could be described as a weapon, and were essentially bog standard [remove]. just what sort of measures and detection techniques should have employed by the person(s) who you feel are due for a P45 ?

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p_c_u_k1,830 posts since 27 Mar 2004
Urgh, the last two posts are just bleak. We don't use the R word in this country for a reason and I'm quite pleased about that, and the British mentality of "just sack everybody" is ludicrous. imagine you lost your job for one error.

If as seems the case this was a genuine invasion, it seems like the people responsible went to a lot of effort to get past security. Is that a reason to be concerned? Yes. Will in result in a security review? Yes. But the two issues here are a) demanding someone is fired for failing to tackle a series of tricks that haven't been tried before is a bit much, and b) there really is only so secure you can actually make a TV studio. If people are that determined they will succeed.
Markymark4,881 posts since 13 Dec 2004
Meridian (North) South Today
I'm really keen to know what the "R word" is that has been removed by the mods ... just out of curiosity ... can someone tell me?

It's a word used commonly in the US, you might argue it's similar to Moron if you read up on the derivation
of both words. I do genuinely apologise for using it, I must get myself a better thesaurus Embarassed