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The X Factor winner's CD, and charity singles, were some of the few that were still available to buy physically, mainly as they would be displayed on counters and in their own displays (rather than in the "singles" section which has pretty much disappeared). I'm guessing even their potential as presents has disappeared now.

I think the last single I made a point of buying physically was Band Aid 30.
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TalkTalk has confirmed that it is to end its sponsorship of The X Factor UK after ten years.

The ITV talent contest's relationship with the firm began in 2007, when Carphone Warehouse replaced Nokia as the show's backer.

Two years later, bosses shifted the sponsorship from CPW's retail operations to its TalkTalk services, and TalkTalk took over the arrangement when it was spun off as a separate company in 2010.

The deal was last renewed in 2014, but the telecommunications provider has opted not to extend it further, meaning it will now part ways with the Simon Cowell format after a decade.
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Good job it's EDF who are the local power company then Smile

SSE do cover a slice of West and N W London though, but not quite Wembley

Surely the likes of SSE and EDF are just 2 of the many companies you buy your power from and they're non-geographic these days.

The company that supplies London and south eastern England is 'UK Power Networks'
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UTV Newsline
So glad ITV continue to release their voting stats for each of their reality shows, something other channels just don't do. Strictly hasn't even revealed who has finished 2nd for the last few years, though presumably with 3 rather than 4 in the final will have to next week.

Yes I agree it's a good thing that ITV do this even for more or less all their reality shows, the only BBC show can think of that release votes and percentages is the Sports Personality of the Year.