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(October 2004)

A former member Anglia (East) Look East
Hi everyone, recently stumbled across this forum, and was very interested to read all the comments. So thought it rude not to add mine Very Happy
Just to clear a few things up, i manage singers for a living, have myself performed in the west end, as well as doing the clubs circuit in London. Have been in the industry for around 20 years now, and i now spend most of my time vocal coaching.
So... a few things to say....

Looking at Pop Idol and x Factor combined, it begs the question.. if this is the level of the talent in this country, boy are we in trouble!!! Michelle McManus?? pleease, everyone knew she would have one hit, maybe two on the back of Pop Idol and then fade away, or be dropped from the label, the latter proving to be the case. Now we have Steve?? Someone who has a cheesier grin than a cheddar counter, cannot sing in tune, has no control over his voice, and seems slimier than a jellied eel.
G4, very talented singers, however, a very limited market and definately not my cup of tea.
I saw some untelevised footage of an audition early on in x factor, and one singer was young, and flawless, however she didnt get the chance to hit the head notes and power out the max of the song as the judges said, thanks but no thanks.. the reasoning behind this is simple...
The object of PI and XF is not to find talent, its to make great television and to make money, pure and simple. *no pun intended there*
I have been to showcases all over the country and have seen and heard more raw talent in one afternoon than on both of these shows. Please dont think that you make a difference in the outcomes by voting... the show will put through who they want to go through... A lot of people presumed that Tabby had it in the bag, and wahoo, surprise surprise, a shock vote.. hes out.. *rolls eyes* didnt see that one coming!!!!
They can't put amazing talent through because they need to have say 15 acts to go through, but they cant have pure x factor talent as part of it that is say streets ahead of the others, otherwise what would be the point? their would be a clear winner, and that wouldnt do. They need to pick contestants that are pretty well on a par with each other, so it makes it more exciting and a closer competition. At the end of the day, Mr Cowell and the management team dont care if they spend 1m on the winner, they have made 5 times that with the show alone, so even if they get one or two or even three hit singles from the winner then they have won hands down.. and its all down to the adoring british public by picking up their phones and voting.
In 2005, i am holding some audition days.. lets call it "pre pop idol / x factor auditions" where myself and a team of skilled professionals can give clear, concise and constructive advice to would-be artists. These will be invaluable for anyone wishing to pursue a career in singing and will hopefully give them the information needed to move forward without having their confidence and self esteem smashed to the ground. As a whole, i do agree with Simon Cowell on most of his decisions, but i think it wrong to say that "you will never make it, give up now" i took on a 15 year old girl as her coach, 3 years later she is now starring in the west end and earning over 2,000 a week... and when she started she was just a karaoke singer with a passion. Now i am not saying that can happen to everyone, but there is potential in anyone to achieve their dreams if they want it badly enough.
So anyway, whether you love or hate these talent shows, they can be very entertaining to watch, but i think thats where it ends.. hats off to Mr Pick a Chick with his rendition of Tragedy.. and god wasnt it.. he enjoyed every second of his fame on that stage and fair play to him, so there you have it, entertainment at its best. Laughing
Funky Guy
The problem with Pop Idol and X Factor viewers is they are largely a family audience.Your average say 18 to 30 yr olds are not going to stay in on a Saturday night to watch these shows most people are out and about clubbing themselves .

That's why when the groups and acts go out on their own without the exposure of prime time ITV they just dissapear because Mr and Mrs average and their kids don't go out and buy the CD they are to busy watching the next reality show which soon will be Celebrity BB .

Personally i loved G4 and voted for them last night i remember feeling cheated when Javine was voted off Girls Aloud i will not be wasting my money in future voting it's all a rig. Steve was so unprofessional last night what ever happend to the cliche The Show Must Go On simple realy he can't ****ing sing.
jay Founding member London London
Although I thoroughly hate Steve - you can't call The X Factor rigged just because the vote didn't go your way.

I take my hat off to Sharon Osbourne. You could tell she had been waiting all series to have a go at Steve, and every single word she spoke was 110% true. Good on ya girl!

Steve won't last long at all. Neither will G4. They're already looking towards Series 2! Sharon and Louis have said they will be back, and the show will be called X Factor 2: The Re-Match , or something to that effect!
Brekkie Wales Wales Today
Funky Guy posted:
The problem with Pop Idol and X Factor viewers is they are largely a family audience.Your average say 18 to 30 yr olds are not going to stay in on a Saturday night to watch these shows most people are out and about clubbing themselves.

Shows like The X Factor though have catured the 18-34 audience - probably more than Pop Idol in fact.

And generally they air early enough so people can go out afterwards - unless you live in Walford where all parties begin at 6pm.
North East
Thank God im not the only one who thinks that Steve was crap, WHO Voted for him?????????
Sharon said everything i was thinking and im pleased she said it!
At the end of the day though it was a great series!!
Juicy Joe Founding member Central (West) Midlands Today
So all this begs one question...if next year, there is going to be series 2 of "The X Factor: The Rematch" which will be something to look forward to, then where is Pop Idol 3 going to fit in? And also, there was news earlier this year about PopStars also being on next year too!

Or has The X Factor got priority? I don't mind really cos it was a great series! Have Ant and Dec lost one of their major shows?
A former member Anglia (East) Look East

In response to Jay, i am not saying the show is rigged just because the voting didnt go my way, because i dont waste my money voting lol.. I KNOW the show is rigged, i cannot say how i know but it is.. and if you adopt some logic here, why did the better of the singers and prob most popular amongst the age group that watches the show get voted off early? The polls spoke out long ago saying who was well in the running to win, and lookie what happened.. they got voted out.. or so it seems... *rolls eyes again* oh and one thing i meant to say in my previous message, but forgot was that pleeeeeeeeeease dont think the judges banter is serious, yes, fraid so, its all an act.. all staged to make better tv, i have seen some reality shows where all the judges are dead serious and agree with each other, and its boring, the good ole british public love gossip, scandal, rows, all of that, and thats what x factor provides.. by pure virtue of the fact that i heard people talking about the way sharon spoke to Steve on last nights show proves that it worked, and also in fact that i am on this message board at all, as with everyone else lol. As an aside, Steve by all accounts is exactly how he is on tv, no put on, no pretense, very shy and low in self esteem, how do i know? One of my best friends does a karaoke in surrey where he has been going for years and she got a call from him today, thats how close friends they are.. and i have no reason to doubt her.. so there you have it almost from the horses mouth.. Very Happy
Well, lets see what next year brings, more one minute wonders, more tv dramas, more money for Mr Cowell.. jeeeesh, cant take anything away from him, what a clever clever very rich man Wink
i just wanted to add a few thoughts now that the series has 'climaxed'.

I doubt that the voting is rigged; I just think the public generally have a rather disjointed idea of what talent actually is.

I feel rather sorry for Simon as the series went on, and it became apparent that he was going to be saddled with Steve ... must have been a challenge to 'big up' someone who is essentially not worth it.
As for Steve winning especially when he couldn't get the words right on his final song ... well, just ridiculous. So 'X factor' doesn't include basic performing skills then ? Sheesh ...

I think G4 are outstandingly talented and professional. I wish them every success. I wonder if they could try a more conventional singing style as well as their operatic one? They don't have to turn into a boy band or anything.

As for the next series, I think I heard Simon say at some point that they would consider contestants a little differently somehow next time. In view of this series and result, seems like a sound plan.
I enjoyed the series very much (no more than Pop Idol etc etc) but I wouldn't say there was a significant amount of 'X factor' present.
Mr-Stabby London London
I mean what is "The X Factor"? Something different and special.

G4 were special, they were certainly different, and they were brilliant singers. Steve is not original, he's certainly not special, and he was a pompous ****.

I'm sorry but whoever voted for him needs to have his/her face slapped!

*I voted for G4 in any case*

Steve will have one record, which might hit number 1, but after that we'll hear nothing of him (hopefully) G4 on the other hand if they won would of lasted a lot longer i think. However it looks as though G4 might get a contract anyway and I hope they do and I hope it turns out to be better losing than winning.
Gavin Scott Founding member STV Central Reporting Scotland
Well I caught most of Saturday's shows on the Sunday replay - and I am shocked at just how bad Steve actually was.

His rendition of Phill Collins song was appalling. Absolutely piss-poor. He was so smarmy that at least twice I had to change channel as I felt so embarrassed I couldn't face it.

Frankly I wasn't very fond of G4 either.

I mean - is *anyone* here going to buy a record from either?

The earlier poster here was spot on - this whole programme is about making good telly - not music careers.
russnet Founding member
Gavin Scott posted:
The earlier poster here was spot on - this whole programme is about making good telly - not music careers.

...and not forgetting to make one Simon Cowell richer.
Jez Founding member Wales Wales Today
Hi everyone, im so glad Steve won, i voted for him 3 times on Saturday night! Very Happy

I thought Sharon was out of order in what she said, and Simon was right, it was inappropriate for her to be personal, she is entitled to her opinion but just because one of Simon's acts made it to the final and none of her's did.....

Overall I thought the X Factor was a great entertainment series for Saturday night. Cant wait for the next series!

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