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Gareth E (previously bbcsport) 1,951 posts since 23 Jan 2006
UTV Newsline
No surprise the BBC get the Italy game - although its the plum fixture, it'll be less attractive to advertisers with the late-night kick-off.

As usual, it'll all depend on how far England progress to decide which broadcaster has got the best of the picks. If they don't make it past the group stages, ITV will be pleased with the outcome.
madmusician894 posts since 2 Jun 2006
Central (West) Midlands Today
Of note in this agreement is that if England get to a quarter final, then that will be the first time since 1998 that an England knock-out match will not be on the BBC.

This is the first World Cup since the new system of picks was introduced (at Euro 2012). Instead of any bartering (as has been the case in previous years) it is now a straight 'pick' system. ITV had first pick this time (BBC will in 2018), which is why they are at a slight advantage. That's why this has been organised so quickly - the broadcasters just go between each other letting them know what their pick is rather than any negotiations breaking down, as has been the case previously.
Brekkie32,283 posts since 4 Jan 2003
HTV Wales Wales Today
No surprise the Uruguay match would have been first pick for them, and they've obviouisly gone for the certainty of the Costa Rica game rather than the risk of the first knock out. I wonder if the BBC went for a semi-final or Spain v Netherlands as their 6th pick - I'd suspect the latter.
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