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BBC World News
NBC could easily cover the graphics with their own.

The transparency on them looks like they're separately generated, not covering up the km/h version.

That makes a lot more sense. As if NBC’s soley covering the only feed they would have the track placement as well. However in their event replays that despite airing on the network appear to be the world feed. The world feed that has the kilometer speedometer and the track placement. Maybe there are two different feeds? While watching the replay on the app I also learned that the large mark on the speedometer appears to denote the speed at which they passed 100 meters. Something that did not appear during the NBC broadcasts with the mile per hour speedometer. I was wondering what the mark meant.
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HTV Wales Wales Today
Not a huge fan of the bobsleigh course graphic. The speed thing isn't necessary really and can be done with a pop-up, and whilst I like the idea of the course map it's just too big and distracting, plus isn't great for the highlights when they cut the middle part out.
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Westcountry Spotlight
Reflections ....

Yes it's sad that the whole live experience was behind a paywall, but from what I've seen the BBC still managed to get the important bits covered. Whether as official rights holders, albeit bartered with Discovery, we got more than we would have had otherwise we'll never really know.

As for Eurosport fantastic, I never expected the additional channels to appear, they were superb on BTTV and even though they were relays of OBS feeds they had commentary which although basic at times was unbiased and to the point.

The much maligned Eurosport player was excellent with all the available OBS feeds in place whenever an event was live. The main issue being the first action of the day at 0900 Korean time coincided with the player's midnight switch in the UK to a new day. Frequently the first three or so minutes of the OBS feeds were awol until found. As for failures of feeds, I had NONE which considering their previous record is staggering.

I'll admit to watching more and more the OBS feeds via ESPlayer as my prime source for these games, after the first few days, which benefitted from being advert free after a pre-run commercial.

I thoroughly enjoyed these games, much more so than I expected.

If the level and style of coverage is similar in 29 months time, for the 2020 Tokyo Games, then we have not a lot to worry about.
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Central (West) Midlands Today
Looks like most of the last Today at the Games was pre-recorded earlier as it is clearly daylight in Salford. Not sure if what they are putting out now is repeated from the closing ceremony programme earlier?

James "Woodsy" Woods has been a natural on co-commentary and in the studio the last couple of days, I hope they give him a job on Ski Sunday.
Watch it and find out.
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Central (West) Midlands Today
Agreed, I took the trouble to tweet him to tell him I appreciated his contributions.

Did he do a voiceover on a VT? I heard half of something on a channel change and thought it was him.

Yeah did a few on Today at the Games throughout the last week while he was still in Korea, as well as being co-commentator. Tonight as well as being a studio guest he did the "coming up" bit before 24 hours in 24 seconds, which Clare normally does.

They put him under the Analysts heading in the credits.
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Watch it and find out.
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HTV Wales Wales Today
Woodsy was brilliant reporting out in the field but found him a little bit awkward in the studio.

Will be interesting to see the Eurosport ratings for the period but it was always going to be the summer games where losing the multiple feeds will really hit the BBC. With the time difference and limited number of simultaneous events the BBC got away with it this time and to their credit used the one red button stream they had pretty well.

I don't know if there were periods when both BBC1/2 and the red button had the same content but I didn't notice it, though sadly due to the time difference and no time off work I had to view most of the games through the highlights show which on the whole was very good though I think an extra half hour would have enable more events to be shown unfolding as they happened (in an edited form) rather than as "reports".

I did have the Eurosport streams via Amazon for the period but didn't use them - just found it too clunky, especially having to go back to a menu to see what else was on rather than flicking through a guide. I can't comment on the quality of their coverage but really don't think Eurosport broke out beyond it's own viewer base as the home of the Olympics and really do feel they've much to do before 2020 if they really want to deliver.
I preferred the internet when it had a sense of humour.