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Brekkie31,981 posts since 4 Jan 2003
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I wonder if the Murray match will even happen tonight if this match keeps going on? No way is it going to start until well after 8. Maybe they should have put him on one of the other courts after play finished rather than assuming the centre court matches would be over quickly.

It's been held back to go on Centre or Court 1 specifically because they can play it later due to the roof. Will likely go on around 8.30 after they shut the roof.
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The BBC are obviously slightly annoyed that Murray’s high rating singles career is over, so are desperately clinging onto any scraps, including First Round Mixed Doubles, which would never be enough to rip up the prime time schedule, even with big name or UK players taking part.
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Should have put them on another court earlier, if they'd put them on Number 2 after the other matches had finished it would probably be over by now. It had been originally scheduled to start around 17:30 until they decided to hold out to put them on centre instead.

It would have been Centre or No. 1 but No. 1 is still going too. Anyway, Heather Watson's doubles match was moved to Court No. 2, which makes sense given her popularity.

Personally I think it's great they have extended the choice on BBC One and BBC Two into the evening today to showcase some young talent. Now if only they could start coverage on BBC One at 1pm and move the news earlier.
Watch it and find out.