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dvboy9,790 posts since 11 Jan 2003
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The BBC using Wimbledon's graphics again, but they've got new graphics for the "around the grounds" catch up bit between sets, and on the Wimbledon feed graphics there is a new "Game Set and Facts" box that occasionally pops up, with American Express sponsoring.
Hatton Cross3,221 posts since 4 Jan 2003
Central (West) Midlands Today
I would imagine that the BBC have to take the AELTC Wimbledon in-house produced feed.
Two other things of note -
1 - The BBC 'other games on other courts' match score graphics, doesn't look very 'Reith'

2 - We appear to have a high angle ariall tracking rail camera running at the back of the complex looking down from Centre Court towards the lower outside courts. (unless its a massive Technocrane with a very long boom arm)

The BBC always wanted a spidercam to run along the whole of the Wimbledon grounds (a la Roland Garros), but Wimbledon Council always refused them permission to have one, as the 3 massive anchoring towers would look 'ugly'. So they had to make do with the 'beautycam' up a crane from a car park outside of the tennis grounds.
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Stuart7,224 posts since 13 Oct 2003
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So BBCiPlayer has TWO UHD streams running. The Beta one is still up whilst the Wimbledon Centre public offering is live.

I've checked, and my Toshiba TV (43U6763DB) is on the list this year, but I can't seem to get it to come up following the instructions. It seems there is a limited number of streams available. Grrrrr . . . Rolling Eyes
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I can see BBC Sport having to put out a statement (Backing?) regarding Sharon Davis, her views on trans athletes are becoming more and more controversial

Shouldn’t be controversial seem quite reasonable to me.

This tweet is the one that is causing controversy because it is less about sport and more in line with other tweets on similar issues which have got people in the media in trouble/sacked before.
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