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Inverdale was awful as a commentator initially but has improved significantly over the last couple of years. It's no secret here I really rate him as a presenter too - IMO he's the best BBC Sport have got. Trouble is nowadays he, along with many other hosts, don't belong exclusively to BBC Sport and for an event like Wimbledon there now has to be a bit of give and take over availability, though losing some faces and voices towards the end isn't really too much of a disruption as the number of matches plummet towards the final. I'm guessing Mark Pougatch is committed to Wimbledon for 5Live so unavailable for ITV Boxing.

Andrew Cotter is excellent though on everything he does and probably the BBC's best all-round commentator at the moment. Just a shame that yesterday it was only the mens double match that was a worthy watch on Centre Court.

Inverdale often gets basic things wrong when commentating on tennis, as a tennis fan it's really frustrating. Cotter may not be an expert in tennis given he covers a wide range of sports but he doesnt make the errors Inverdale does, knows when to keep quiet and leave it to the co-commentator alongside him, and he has a very nice voice to listen to also.

I suspect had Inverdale been on then most tennis fans would have switched to Bradnam and Croft on Eurosport yesterday.

Inverdale was woeful on the mixed doubles final, agree good presenter but at one point he was nearly shouting at Henri Kontinen saying he was leaving everything to Heather Watson as if he was a coach. I must have missed Inverdale's professional tennis career, fair enough if the co-commentator in this case Sam Smith made that point as she played tennis but Inverdale is there as a commentator to call the match not give his opinion which is why I am glad Cotter got the Women's Final.
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With Wimbledon on the way, I wonder how many times the following things will happen which will no doubt he discussed at great length in this thread when they do.

- Today at Wimbledon will start late and run to a reduced length
Yes, this happened a few times
- Today at Wimbledon won't air on TV at all
At least once but I've known worse

- Rain will stop play resulting in BBC Two coming off air and wheeling out various fillers including Coast
Did this happen, there was very little rain throughout
- The BBC News at Six will be disrupted in some way and even air on BBC Two
Yes but only once
- The regional news will be disrupted and even run to a reduced length
Only happened once due to Murray's less successful run, it aired at 7pm but still full length
- Coverage will move back to BBC One meaning The One Show airs on BBC Two
Happened twice
- Sue Barker mentioning that "EastEnders will follow the conclusion to the tennis"
Yes once
- there will be a seat of the pants moment where the EPG goes mad and nobody quite knows what will be happening
Happened quite a few times
- There will be a bizzare schedule change that seems to cause maximum disruption for minimum benefit that armchair schedulers here would have done better, such as BBC One joining tennis that had 5 mins left and then having to fill as BBC Two had just started showing the usual programme
This one took a different turn where even when BBC Two had started showing another programme it wasn't an issue. The QI fiasco will be remembered here for years, airing The One Show meaning coverage was halted for 30 mins was another strange one. No analysis of that match on the Wednesday was evened out by about 4 hours of analysis after the men's final!
- The BBC shoehorning in a trailer break with Sue Barker linking into it with a pun about, "The drama on Centre Court isn't the only drama on BBC One this summer.."
The Doctor Who trailer was obviously this one
- BBC One and Two cross overs where Sue says hello and goodbye on both channels at the same time, extra points of it results in a not very clean cut off.
She did this on the first Friday, but I think it was cleanly done
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