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p_c_u_k posted:
Hardly a major disaster. However if it had appeared on ITV I'm sure some people on here would have declared it the end of the world... Laughing

is it a fault that happens with regularity?
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Andrew posted:
that was years ago though, not now

by the fact that mr mercia has been seeing it since Leeds took over Central they don't seem to have improved much.

These days they're just bad.

Previously, they were so bad that the ITC actually threatened to withdraw the TTTV franchise, mostly over the hideously awful quality of the presentation.

I challenge anyone to come up with another example of a major TV channel being given a kicking by a regulator over technical standards.

Leeds were, quite literally, incompetent. The fact that they still seem to have difficulties getting things right all the time, when they have what is in many ways the easiest transmission job in the ITV network right now, is a damning indictment indeed.

It really was awful in 1993, I remember once before the programme Help Yourself, Tyne Tees TV were treated to 15 minutes of Yorkshire Television until someone realised what was happening and then abruptly cut to Tyne Tees.
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It's not all in the north you know.

Meridian had a burst of the nice new Technicolor Southern Transmission Centre slide tonight, just in the transition from the ident to the local Country Ways programme at 19:30.

I recorded both Meridian and West again tonight and it only happened on Meridian, not West.