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(January 2003)

A few days ago saw the anniversary of 10 years without Thames, TVS, TSW and TV-am.

I had a thought on the 1st of January, where has the time gone? I was 9 when Westward became TSW and my memory of that event seemed an age ago, but, in by the end of 1992, the 11 years which had past didn't seem that long at all and this year was even worse, time seems to have disappeared with a blink of an eye. Now im not trying to be morbid, I know it sounds like as you get older your life gets shorter (as my dad said on every birthday, one year closer to death!), no i didn't find it funny either.

But.................. damn, i've lost my trail of thought, what was my point.........................ah bum, sorry I'll get back to u all and finish it later.

See how the old memory plays tricks on you when you get older.

Happy new year to everyone.
Westcountry did a fairly long bit about the launch of westcountry live, had a David Foster interview done from what looked like a sky sports studio, and a remix of the old titles and new.

BTW, whats happened to Alison Johns??
David Foster presented Central News (East) in 2001 during News Idol. They dumped him and gave it to Kevin Ashford instead.
fusionlad Founding member West Country (West) Spotlight
GaryC posted:

BTW, whats happened to Alison Johns??

Probably on maternity leave. She was pregnant again, last time she was on I believe.
Alexis Bowater is her permanent replacement; appearing on the local ident with Richard.

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