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STV Central Reporting Scotland

I believe that is the last piece of the puzzle. Very Happy

I just clicked: there are some other missing details and presentation to be found :

* We have still not found any clips from the Meridian service between 1995 - 1997
* We don't have the date for when the new 1995 london service started:

at least this page is worth something now: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Night_Network
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STV Central Reporting Scotland
From Feb 1995: it has the Neno dancing people idents!


Granada service was still going in Spring 1995: April: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TKL1KUtsKOI
there also a clip from May 1995 with news headline from that may 1995:

April http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g7tWk82LMOY&NR=1
this get rather strange!!

TSW adverts ( pif only)
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STV Central Reporting Scotland
I can now give you some NEW details:

Here are two interview/ enquire with CA for the night time service, one with Meridian and one with Carlton.
This has means Night time page on Wiki can now be finished;

I thourgh it would be interesting to some people to see what replies I got, which are enlightening:

From Graham Rogers
I shall do my best to answer your questions…

Meridian took the network ITV feed Monday – Thursday and then I presented ‘Nightime’ on Friday, Saturday & Sunday nights. We generally started after News at 10 and went right through til 06-00 including the ITN Morning News programme at 05-30. This service was provided on Meridian & Channel Television only

The reason that Meridian decided to go ‘local’ at the weekends was as a result of audience research. I had previously presented ‘Late-Night-Late’ for TVS at the weekends and in Meridian’s set up research, I came out particularly well in what viewers had liked on TVS and wanted on Meridian

We provided this service until the end of December 1995. At the start of 1996, Meridian began providing the presentation for Anglia and sadly, it was decided that it would be too complicated to carry our local night time service onto Anglia as well ******

I then became a continuity announcer for both regions, broadcast from the Southampton Television Centre. I left Meridian in 2002 to become an ITV Network Continuity Announcer based at the ITV Tower on the Southbank in London. I left ITV in 2007

Hope that answers your questions

** I should point out that Anglia had the same Night time service as Med from Jan 1995!! same listings etc, I dare say its had it own CA!

Here is one from Mike Cooper:


* Did Carlton take Meridian night time service from Jan 93 - Dec 94?

I don't believe so. I started with Carlton early in 1994, having previously been at Central. Carlton always originated its night time service from the South Bank to the best of my knowledge.

* Did Carlton introduce the new Neno dances idents from Jan 1993: IE this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0RJcUN_s95M ( I made a mistake and should have said jan 1995 Embarassed )

That is a good question, but from pure deduction I'm inclined to think that it may have been later. These idents were made by Central, if I remember rightly, so they wouldn't have been rolled out into network night time until Carlton acquired Central and rolled Central's night time service into their own. The ident you have here features Nigel Williams, so it's actually from an LWT transmission. LWT's night time voiceovers were all pre-recorded, whereas Carlton kept live announcers for the Monday - Thursday transmissions.

* Do you know why Carlton introduced there own Night time brand? ( I know LWT did not follow until mid February )

That I can't rightly answer, I'm afraid. But I remember that around this time, and certainly once the inter-company acquisitions started happening, there was a desire to cut costs overnight. However, this was still in the days when individual companies hated the idea of branding their output as "ITV", so a generic set of idents was introduced which didn't feature any company-specific branding. As a result, night time from LNN started to permeate the whole network - across the Carlton and Granada stations.

* was it liked with Meridain wishing to revamp its own service?

See above for my best guess.

* Do you know the round about date when Granada shut down there service ( ie black cat ident) and moved every over to Carlton, best I been able to pin point is June/July or August.
No, but this would seem about right.

* Who were the main people who provided the CA for night time
The Carlton staff announcers (like most staff announcers) always tried to avoid working nights where possible, so though Mark Lipscomb, Graham Bannerman and Fiona Goldman would have appeared, you'd also have heard me, Peter Tompkins, David Allan - possibly Adrian Finighan in the early days, too. We also had another announcer - possibly Steve something - though his surname currently escapes me.

LWT's announcements were all pre-recorded by Nigel Williams or Trish Bertram.

Hope that's helpful!
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STV Central Reporting Scotland
Serendipity indeed - the mighty Applemask does an "ITV in the Face" special on ITV's night time services...


he got most of his fact right: just one mistake, It's The ident at 21.45: it was never used by carlton, it was only ever seen on Meridian and Anglia 98 - 00. I was hopping to used the 1996 "on the edge" ident when it ever appeared. but I might have to use that now:

I still wonder where that promo come from at 19.58!
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Tyne Tees Look North (North East)
Of course, it's not actually fair to say that Tyne Tees "couldn't afford" through the night TV. They were vehemently against it, as I've mentioned before. Ready to pull the plug on a couple of occasions, they never saw the point and were finally bounced into accepting Granada's service in 1988 after initially stating in the Northern Echo that they had no intention of introducing such a service.

Shame really, because knowing City Road they would have probably just introduced a black or dark blue IVC backdrop and interspersed the usual imported crap with five minute in-vision blocks. Which of course would have been a pres fan's dream outcome.