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(April 2001)

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Who is your favourite weather presenter on BBC News 24?
My favourite is Alex Deakin, who always appears really friendly yet professional.
itsrobert Founding member
My favourite on News 24 is Carol Kirkwood - she always seems happy and jolly whatever the weathers like!

On BBC World, my favourite is Everton Fox and on BBC One, Michael Fish.

Did anyone watch the weather today on BBC ONE? Helen Willets dazzled me this morning in a bright yellow suit - the colour of the suns on the map! I was thinking of putting my shades on!
Martin Founding member

Shes the best BBC Weather presenter shes always so happy no matter what the weather is like!
Francis Wilson, no question.
Helen Willets perhaps, because she is from my home city, and Isobel Lang, who seems quite content for a ginger.
Julie on Look East!!!!
NickyS Founding member
staruk posted:
Julie on Look East!!!!

Not commenting on Julie herself but Look East are running a promo just for her at the moment. Was on today after the early evening bulletin!
Martin Founding member
Heather from Reporting Scotland famously known as Heather the Weather always starts with

Hello there! and sounds like a 50 - 60 year old woman , I wish she would brighten up a bit

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