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I Hate HTV West
cheshirec posted:
Oh now here's an idea!
Now TV Home has its very own democracy system, i.e. the polls. And considering all of the negativity that normally surrounds me..
Perhaps we could have a poll about whether I should remain in this forum or not!
If, after 1 week, the majority is telling me to go, I will do so!
Would that help you to put your life back together?
So, who's going to start the thread?

Lol ... I don't think we quite need to go THAT far Smile
cat2,504 posts since 4 Jan 2003
Well if members of the forum aren't willing to post complaints directly to me then how am I supposed to do anything?
HTV, will you please post the messages to me via the messenger system?

I'm not flattering myself, but what I am saying is that there is so much controversy about me being here that there is an easy solution that would at least please the majority.
cat2,504 posts since 4 Jan 2003
I Hate HTV West posted:
lol ... I don't think we quite need to go THAT far Smile

Well if my posts are causing as many problems as you say they are, what I am saying is that I am prepared to do something about it, and if asked to leave (by the majority) I would be happy to do so.
I wont post if the majority of people don't want me to!
I Hate HTV West
Put it this way, you can get the general idea from what I'm saying!

I really don't want to pass the comments on -- but -- you seem to have lightened up a little ...

Lets just see how we go, and shake hands here?

... and I'll see what interesting pictures I can come up with Smile
cat2,504 posts since 4 Jan 2003
Ok then.
I'd get out my white hankie but I think i've used it a couple of times today.

I take it your idea about the large video wall in the new Sky studio being used for the weather was a stonking big hint, and not just an idea? Smile
I Hate HTV West
Hehehehe ... until September, we won't know Smile
I Hate HTV West
square eyes posted:
Except they'll go and ruin it by sticking Francis Wilson in front of it. Very Happy

lol - all that static and his hair ...