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Sub Zero
I can't vote Sad You missed out Paul Hudson who does weather in North. Fantastic, and funny! (with Peter Levy)
Sub Zero
You never specified that until saying it then.
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You are not talking about national weather presenters at all, you are talking about BBC Weather presenters.
You've clearly forgotten the fact that Francis Wilson is weatherman of the year, yet again.
What about Sky, ITV, and Channel 5, have they stopped weather bulletins now?
Get over this addiction to the BBC, please!!
If we are going to have votes in this forum then please can we try to keep them balanced, the entire point of a poll is that it provides people to quickly express an opinion. My favourite weather presenter is not in your poll, so I can't vote.

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Billy Hicks88 posted:
Hey,what about Michel Fish,Ian Mcaskill,Bill Giles,Helen Young etc?

Forgot about Mr Fish. It only gives 10- options

Bill Giles, and Ian Mcaskill have both retired, and Hlen Young is on maternity leave.
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Francis Wilson is an excellent presenter and his award clearly shows that.
No doubt the Sky News weather graphics are soon to be changed but I like them.
They provide a forecast for everywhere in the UK, not just a massive cloud covering the entire region.
For example, If I look at the BBC weather it will put perhaps a dark cloud with rain over me. But if I look at Sky News I will perhaps see that this rain is only over Liverpool and is actually going to miss me by quite a bit, this would also be reflected in my local weather.
I believe Victoria Graham has left the BBC this week - to move onto new and different things.
I Hate HTV West
Indeed she has. I have some interesting gossip to tell here ...

I know where she's gone Wink