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The Sun and Fail both adamant it has been axed. Mirror and Express "set to axe".

Anyway if true it means Watchdog goes full circle. It started off as life as a segment in the Nationwide programme, which is what effectively the One Show sometimes thinks it is...
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Now confirmed by the BBC: https://www.bbc.co.uk/mediacentre/latestnews/2020/watchdog

BBC One’s consumer rights brand, Watchdog is to be given a year-round presence on The One Show - the channel’s flagship live, nightly show.

Sounds remarkably like PR spin for what in reality is effectively cost cutting.
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The thing is you aren’t going to get Alex Jones interviewing the CEO of some Washing Machine manufacturer to challenge them on why their products catch fire.

It would benefit from being interspersed with a working journalist holding the companies to account. Though it’s something the show failed to do in recent years in really holding the companies to account.

Watchdog is dead... Rogue Traders is dead... but both would definitely have a purpose if it was the proper investigative show it used to be in the Lynn Faulds-Woods, Anne Robinson and even Nicky Campbell days.
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From the BBC News article :-

Co-host Steph McGovern has moved to Channel 4, but Matt Allwright and Nikki Fox will stay to front the new strand.

...I don’t remember reading anywhere she was totally ditching the BBC!
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I suppose the idea being it’ll be packages on The One Show but they’ll be available on the website and social media too.

If they’re keeping dedicated presenters for it, wouldn’t it make sense to use 1 whole 7-7:30pm slot once a week for “Watchdog” maybe a Monday or whatever- in the One Show studio using One Show crew for the live show
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