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Central (West) Midlands Today
People did often use all three lifelines on questions first time round, and even then I dare say on occasion they couldn't commit even when there was only two answers, the friend was adamant it was C, the audience was adamant it was C and the contestant couldn't let go of the fact they thought it was B. It was this sort of dithering that gets annoying after a while.
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Johnr450 posts since 6 Apr 2004
I noticed this episode Jeremy didn't check if the PAFs had 'someone from the office' with them, perhaps edited out for time purposes but I wonder if he'll drop it for next series full stop. He has already seemingly dropped the conspiracy theory talk around Ask The Host!
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UTV Newsline
Was rooting around on Soundcloud as you do, and it appears Matthew Strachan 'updated' the music for the 20th Anniversary in 2018. (Basically the USA Clock theme but without the clock)


Wonder why either Stellify or ITV never used it and stuck with the 1998 theme.

The current ITV version was made to celebrate 20 years of the show, so harking back to the original format and feel with the odd little update was the order of the day.
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Let's see if this is good enough for ANOTHER new run afterwards.

It feels a bit too soon after January for another run. Over exposure killed it off before, so it probably needs spacing out a bit more. Like every 6 months.
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