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I love the more raw feeling they've left in over the series, e.g. the phone a friend going to voicemail and Jeremy saying something was the right answer even though it wasn't...all could be edited out obviously but it was a nice change to leave in to show things sometime don't go to plan!

Ask The Host is also quite fun in the same way that Phone A Friend is when you use it up for Jeremy or a friend not to know the answer, then a few questions later Jeremy goes 'I know this one' / 'I had a perfect Phone A Friend for this question'!
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I finally managed to upload the awkward moment . . .

I enjoyed the anniversary week, and I think Jezza is a good host. I like some of the barbed comments, such as "you've got nearly enough for the train fare home". Very Happy

I think it would work as a stripped event, perhaps 4 or 5 times a year, rather than as a weekly series of 13 shows.

After about the 4th show, I was already skipping through the questions up to £1,000, as it was unnecessarily drawn out; and (let's face it) they had some fairly unintelligent people who were using up lifelines far too early.
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Another notable time they did this was when Judith Keppel became the first person to win a million pounds, and ITV decided to put it up against the last episode of One Foot in the Grave. ISTR Richard Wilson and David Renwick, among others, claiming that Celador and ITV had engineered the win to take viewers away from OFITG.

Though of course, that wasn't proven and they had to apologise for suggesting it - it was mentioned at the time that in fact it was so unexpected most of the senior people on Millionaire were actually off that night. Renwick later said that it was fair enough but he didn't know why ITV announced it in advance becuse that just undermined the whole point of watching the programme.

Anyway, that was another example of Millionaire being wheeled out as a spoiler against anything big on BBC1, it has been up against One Foot for the whole series.