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He may have the money, but he's lost a lot of exposure. He's missing out on BBC gigs he would have been shoehorned in for like QI and HIGNFY and he will need a more "normal" gig when his advancing years mean the Grand Tour malarkies must come to a natural end.... this could be a reasonably apt audition. Also I think the Grand Tour is nearer its end than a lot of people think, especially with Hammond's injuries and Clarkson's pneumonia....
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I could imagine him presenting it and reckon he'd be quite good. Whether it would be successful or not I don't know, it was quite a tired format when it ended.

I saw my first couple of Grand Tour episodes the other week after I accidentally signed up to Prime. They were OK, I didn't love it as much as something of their peak era Top Gear. I can't see it lasting that long even if they all remain in good health, just seems like one of those things that eats itself and burns out quickly
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Well, The Grand Tour production deal with Amazon Prime is for three series, and the current one is the second. So one more and he's only got his million pound column deal with The Sunday Times to stop him going to a food bank.

Mind you, depending on the outcome of the live Premier league deal, if Amazon win a package, he could end up hosting the coverage Laughing
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Regarding Grand Tour and Prime, has there been any mention about how its performing for Amazon? I know, like Netflix, they don't give viewer numbers, but has it been mentioned in subscriber numbers have increased a lot?
Surely it's about time Amazon starting making a bigger push for original programming, its worked so well for Netflix, yet Amazon still seems to be seriously lagging behind and only has a handful of original programmes.
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