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Jez10,798 posts since 7 May 2001
This week, Ruth Wignall returned to the weather team based in Birmingham who do the forcasts for the Central, Wales and the West regions.

Who is your fave Central/Wales/West presenter? I like Emma Jesson, and although she isnt on often I like Jo Rice too!
TV Fetish1,735 posts since 4 Jan 2003
I find Charlie to be very robotic indeed. Emma is much more friendly.

Why don't they every actually mention towns and cities in the region? I hate it when they say, "Our region".

Will local weather output be centralised soon?
A former member
Charlie is the best. Presents the weather in such a way. My favourtie weather preseneter on the hle of TV is Chrissy Reidy!
dvboy9,814 posts since 11 Jan 2003
I get them confused, I have to look at the name at the start of the bulletin. Emma's the "bye-bye" one, Charlie isn't, but that doesn't really help.

Haven't seen Emma in a while and Charlie's the only other one I see often enough to remember, so that's where my vote's gone.