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STV Central Reporting Scotland
How many idents have been crated? it seems to be there is MORE than 17. I have just spotted a different version of the Manx Gaelic School ident - is that the only one to do two versions?

I have spotted:
Isle of man school Different from before:
Horse racing
Bollywood woman
Football player
Sting Music
Baby and mum
Bus Driver
Back stage
drag act
Male couple.

I have not see:
Pole Dance ident.
rugby player
Kevin ident
Manx Gaelic School ident.

On top of that there been a few changes mainly around 11pm jct and these voices ones are not getting used.
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It appears that there are different versions for a few - notably the Manx school which has a great variation between the two. Then there are the subtle changes to other idents where just the holding image for the C4 announcer voiceover can vary between idents. In Drag Artist - it's either a long shot or close up of the glitter ball, in Restaurant, its a shot of the designer lights or of the rotisserie chicken.
62305821,040 posts since 19 Aug 2005
STV Central Reporting Scotland
I wonder why it was changed to just peak times, because you can hear daytime announcements on that twitter clip. Also there seems to be a swimmer one, if that tweet is correct.

Is the next post dreaded?